Erica RoselloEveryone has dreams and wishes for their life. Most people know how to wish for things in life. Common things people wish for is a new car, home, clothes, relationship and career or job. Have you ever met someone who had been at a job for 15 years or longer but wasn’t happy?

This usually happens when you start a new job and get to know your co-workers. You somehow meet people who have been working for the same company in the same position and are absolutely miserable about it. They complain every day and wish they had a different job. As a new employee to the company, you probably wonder to yourself why the co-worker just didn’t find another job that makes them happier.

The fact is, that co-worker probably sits in his or her cubicle every day wishing they had a new job. They are probably dreaming about it every day. They would be so happy and decide to wear new stylish clothes and feel so proud of themselves because they are doing a job they always wanted. Dreaming is one thing, but doing something to make that dream become a reality is another.

People often feel stuck in a specific position in their career. They are happy when they make it to a new position, but feel trapped when they are told they need another degree to get further in the industry. The fact that the person has to go back to school, apply for financial aid or loans and spend endless hours studying is the most common thing that deters people from making their wishes come true.

The fact is if you want something you have to work hard to get it. Jobs and careers don’t get handed out just because it’s what you wish for. Working hard is exhausting, but the journey is what makes it worth it when you sit at your new desk in your new corner office with windows.

Taking the time to make a plan and work hard to make your wishes come true makes the reward sweeter than you can imagine. Because you can sit at your new desk and say to yourself “you made it.” All of your hard work paid off and now you are living your dreams. Wishing for something allows a desire to grow inside of you. But, working hard to make your wish come true makes you achieve your wish and dreams for your life. Get started today!

Erica Rosello

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

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