Erica RoselloDo you have goals but don’t know how to reach them? The secret to getting ahead is getting started. But, where do you begin? It’s often difficult to reach your goals if you don’t have a plan. If you have big dreams and don’t know where to begin, continue reading.

Sometimes we have dreams that never come to fruition because we embarrassed to share it with others. Your first step to getting ahead is to reveal your dreams to yourself. Write down your true dreams of what you want in your life, even if it might seem foolish to others.

There is a story of a young woman who got sick and lost her job. She had no income and was about to be evicted from her apartment. Once she recovered from her illness she tried to get a job but nobody would hire her. So she came up with this great idea to do grocery shopping for the elderly or those who are too busy with their life. She did her own advertising by handing out flyers in front of supermarkets.

One day a long time friend called her and asked her why her voicemail sounded like a business. She said she had started her own business and planned to work hard to save her apartment. The friend told her it was a stupid idea and she would never earn enough money to achieve success. The young woman didn’t receive any phone calls the first few weeks after lots of advertising and ended up getting evicted.

A few weeks after she got evicted her phone began to ring off the hook with plenty of customers wanting to use her grocery delivery service. Unfortunately, the young woman had moved far away and was not able to provide service to the area. About 10 years later “Instacart” a nationwide grocery delivery service in making more money than the young woman could have ever dreamed of. But, the problem is, she gave up on her dreams because of negative comments from a friend and a slow startup. She could have been “Instacart” successful if she didn’t give up.

Take this story as a lesson to never give up! There will always be someone around to discourage you from your dreams. Just let them talk and you continue taking steps forward to your dreams, you never know where they will lead!

Erica Rosello

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

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